Our Story

Our story begins from the UK where we have maintained and brought the perfect pieces for our customers. We pride ourselves in building something that feels like a warm hug after a tiring busy day. What's more is that we tailor it to your needs for the unique experience. Running the family business for almost 20 years, we understand that with visual appeal lies the unparalleled comfort. Our beds are attentively engineered for the optimal support to the body which in turn indulges our clients in a cocoon of serenity. So step into our sanctuary of The Custom Bed Company and discover the collection emphasized on luxury and opulence.

Coming to USA

Our passion for furniture has always motivated us to present the finest pieces to each of our customers. With the successful reach in the UK, we are thrilled to expand our wings in the United States of America. With the new range of products and immense versatility to introduce full bespoke manufacturing, timeless gems and minimalist platforms, we have the perfect match for your taste! Not compromising on the quality or the diversity, we cater our products to define your specific requirements. As we embark on this journey of expansion, our core values remain the same. We are ever grateful for the trust you put in us and we will continue to strive for excellence and exceed your expectations! So join us on this journey because we are coming for you!

Who are we?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. The Custom Bed Company is a team of exceptional individuals with dedication to ensure you the experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. Our team comprises young, eager and self motivated skilled artisans who with their meticulous attention to detail transform the raw materials into a work of art. Our exposure to bed trading for more than 15 years has given us extensive information and a heads up to understand between the form and functions. Ensuring the expertise to provide insights on proper relaxing postures and mattress supports, our Sleep experts focus highly on optimizing your sleep. If you are unsure or are in need of assistance, our customer service team is there to resolve any query or concern. We prioritize your satisfaction by keeping a courteous approach. Take a leap of faith and we will make your room special for you.