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Harmonic Halo

$194.25 $259

The lamp holder material for this item is made of rubber wood, lending it a natural and eco-friendly appeal. Designated as Item No. 517, this lamp embodies a captivating fusion of styles, combining Nordic, Japanese, modern, and simplicity in its aesthetic. The processing method includes the option for LOGO OEM, allowing customization for branding or personalization purposes. Proudly presented under the brand name "Minsenhuang Lighting," the specific model designated is MSHT006. The lamp's dimensions are Φ170MM in diameter and H230MM in height, making it a compact and versatile lighting solution. Operating on a standard voltage of 220V, this lamp holds the 3C certificate number 2018011001067575, assuring its adherence to quality and safety standards. With its thoughtful design and ample specifications, the Φ170MM*H230MM lamp from Minsenhuang Lighting promises to illuminate spaces with style and elegance.

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